Nhan Le has been working as a Film Fixer in Vietnam for almost a decade. He often travel with his customers from South to North. From big cities to remote mountain areas.

He has helped thousands of sastisfied customers from around the world who have filming projects in Vietnam.

My Film Fixer Service in Vietnam including: Location scouting around Vietnam, filming permits, Car and hotel arrangment. If your filming project need aerial view and you are looking for a drone operator in Vietnam. Check out Drone Pilot in Vietnam for more information.

Nhan Le is a travel photographer-turned-film fixer in Vietnam. Started in 2007 and since then, he has traveled around Vietnam almost 2 decades. During his journey in Photography, he explored and met many people. He often travel from South to North Vietnam and up to the remote mountain areas. Working with mountain tribes around the central and North Vietnam.

That makes Nhan Le very knowledgable about Vietnam. So if you are looking for a Film Fixer in Vietnam who provides Location Scouting in Vietnam, you can contact Nhan Le.

Nhan Le has professional equipments which help a lot to prepresent how the location is from ground to aerial view.

If you are having a filming project and need a Film Fixer in Vietnam to help with location scouting. Please let Nhan Le know.

Drone Pilot in Vietnam – Professional Drone Operator in Vietnam

Nhan Le is a Drone Pilot based in Ho Chi Minh City who provides professional Drone Service in Vietnam. If your filming projects require aerial view, it’s best to hire a local Drone Pilot in Vietnam. Because it’s will be time consuming and difficult for foreigners to obtain flying permits.

If you are looking for a Drone Pilot in Vietnam, contact Nhan Le.