Making Dried fish in the Mekong Delta

You may know that Vietnam is one of the countries that produce large dried fish each year for export. In Vietnam, especially in the Mekong Delta, local people love eating dried fish because it’s a good way to reserve food and local people can store it for longer before refrigerator exist.

And in the Mekong Delta, there are many coastal provinces that many people make a good living by fishing. Making dried fish also good for big company, all the products will be exported to China, Russia, and South Korea.

This was a filming project that I worked with producer, Adam Nguyen, who was interested in recording the activities there, from loading off the fish from fishing boat to the drying ground. So if you are having a filming project in Vietnam and need to find a Film Fixer in Vietnam, contact me. I can help you with everything, from filming permits in Vietnam, to location scouting in Vietnam, Drone pilot in Vietnam and more.

Here are a few photos that I took during working with my clients. Hope you enjoy it.