Film Fixer in Vietnam – Wood Carving monks in the Mekong Delta

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Wood Carving monks in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam

If you are looking for something unique in Vietnam for your filming Project, may consider to visit the Mekong Delta where you can see diffirent activities and people daily life. You can see the local farmers making salt at some coastal provinces, Fishing net mending in the Mekong Delta is also a great activity to shoot.

But in this article, as a Film Fixer in Vietnam who helps thousands of satisfied customers I recommend this unique acitivity in the Mekong Delta for you to see.

It’s wood carving monks in the Mekong Delta. The temple here also has beautiful architechure. Some monks are real artirst here. They carve wood into pieces of art. It’s very artful and interesting to watch and filming.

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