Drone Operator in Vietnam – Planting season in the North

As a Drone Operator in Vietnam, I have a chance to shoot and film around Vietnam all year round. This is a aerial filming project that I worked for my client. The project required to shoot in the North and during planting season in Vietnam. My client wanted to shoot the rice terraces in Vietnam during that season. So I suggested him to visit this area because It’s one of the most beautiful location to shoot in Vietnam during planting season and it can show the beauty of the area.

During this time, rain will provide enough water for the rice terraces so the farmers there began to plow and sow. The planting season began usually from April to May. And if you like to shoot during the harvesting season, then visit around Sept to Oct. It’s golden time to see the rice fields there turn yellow.

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Here is the photo and hope you like it.

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