Bac Ha Mountain Tribe Market

Bac Ha mountain tribe market is one of the most colorful market in Vietnam and it’s very diversity in term of goods being sold there. Most of the people there are H’mong people. But you can sometimes see other mountain tribe group there.

This is a filming project in Bac Ha that I, as a film fixer in Vietnam, help my client filming around the market and get him to the old house there to build his scene and content. If you are having a filming project in Vietnam and looking for film fixer in Vietnam, let me know. I can do all the things suck as location scouting in Vietnam, Drone Pilot in Vietnam, filming permits in Vietnam and more.

Ok let get back to the Bac Ha market here. The mountain people here sell a lot of things: from breakfast with chicken noodle, to herbals, dogs: small dogs to big dogs, and water buffalo have a large area where local people sell their water buffalo there.

The mountain tribe can have a hair cut on the sidewalk as well. You can also spot some people bargaining for some small pigs. And a lot more waiting for you to discover.

Here are some pics that I took during the trip with my clients. If you are looking for a Film Fixer in Vietnam, please let me know.